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Why Choose Immaculata?

Immaculata: Your First Choice

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As increasing numbers of prospective college students—as well as their parents, partners and/or friends—question the value of college degrees, it is now more important than ever that universities truly understand the needs of students as well as employers and offer attainable, in-demand academic programs at fair rates.

Strengthened by our legacy of helping students gain meaningful and powerful skills for entering the workforce, Immaculata maintains a focus on offering academic programs that meet the evolving needs of employers. Realizing that graduates do not want to be forever burdened by college debt, Immaculata offers competitively priced and proven undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates to traditionally aged college students, advanced degree seekers and adult and professional learners. In fact, Immaculata tuition rates are among the lowest in the Delaware Valley for private institutions, and Immaculata has been named one of the northeast region’s Best Bang for the Buck Colleges.

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With a 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio, Immaculata enables students to receive personalized attention from caring faculty in a safe and welcoming environment. Rather than massive lecture halls and impersonal instruction, Immaculata provides right-sized learning environments that facilitate personal connections.

Immaculata has been preparing students for leadership and service for more than 100 years, and our students graduate with a strong sense of professional accountability, responsibility and openness to lifelong learning. Many Immaculata students participate in valuable internships and work study programs as part of their academic programs. With strong connections to industry-leading organizations in the Philadelphia Metro area, our experiential learning opportunities help students build confidence and prepare for their careers as ethical professionals and service-oriented leaders. What’s more, our Office of Career and Professional Development works with students to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to developing workforce-ready skills and preparing for jobs searches.

Forty minutes from Philadelphia and two hours from New York City and Washington, D.C., Immaculata University is right smack in the middle of one of the greatest cultural hubs in the world! With easy access to local and regional public transportation, IU students can broaden their horizons by visiting the birthplace of the United States, experiencing the attractions of the Big Apple and seeing our nation’s government at work. While major historical attractions are nice, prospective students shouldn’t overlook the fact that the New Jersey shore, the Delaware beaches, and the Pocono mountains are also within close driving distance!

Beauty is just the beginning of Immaculata’s picturesque campus. Opportunities for fun, service, discovery and tranquility are endless, as Immaculata just feels like home and provides a full college experience. From clubs and sports to dining options and dorm rooms, students can customize their involvement and know that they will thrive within our student community. Additionally, IU’s safe and secluded—but closely connected—campus in the Philadelphia suburbs combines the traditional feel of stone-foundation buildings with state-of-the-art technology found in our immersive lab spaces.

Immaculata offers academic programs that meet market needs, giving students in-depth knowledge and opportunities to build their skills and gain practical experience. Students feel confident and prepared for their careers as ethical professionals and service-oriented leaders. Students also enjoy the benefits of an extensive alumni network, which can assist them as they search for jobs and advance in their careers.

Gone are the days where universities make admissions decisions based on test scores rather than student background, ambition and drive to succeed. As such, Immaculata University is test optional for all majors, including nursing